There are currently queried 77 places in the world of

City Country Temperature Description
Wien  Austria 28°C Clear
Waltrop  Germany 22°C Clear
Berlin  Germany 12°C Clear
Nümbrecht  Germany 11°C Clouds
Zurich  Switzerland 5°C Clear
Westendorf  Germany 12°C Clear
Friedrichsthal  Germany 25°C Clouds
Wesel  Germany 12°C Clear
Weiden  Germany 1°C Clouds
Gänserndorf  Austria 22°C Clear
Chemnitz  Germany 9°C Clear
Leipzig  Germany 11°C Clear
Tuzla BA 16°C Rain
Zofingen  Switzerland 9°C Clear
Soelden  Austria 4°C Clear
Szada HU 13°C Clear
Minden  Germany 10 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 28 °C Thunderstorms
Boffzen  Germany 8 °C Cloudy
Dresden  Germany 8 °C Cloudy
Bad Liebenstein  Germany 7 °C Cloudy
Kronberg im Taunus  Germany 9 °C Cloudy
Dublin Ireland 15 °C Cloudy
Schorndorf  Germany 9 °C Mostly Cloudy
Munich  Germany 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Nordhorn  Germany 10 °C Cloudy
Bury  United Kingdom 12 °C Cloudy
Altnau  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Luhans'k  Ukraine 12 °C Partly Cloudy
Jacksonville  United States 22 °C Clear
Kleinmachnow  Germany 10 °C Cloudy
Loerrach  Germany 10 °C Partly Cloudy
Nieder-Olm  Germany 8 °C Cloudy
Heiligenstadt  Germany 7 °C Cloudy
Pfedelbach  Germany 8 °C Cloudy
Desio  Italy 15 °C Mostly Cloudy
Peize  Netherlands 11 °C Cloudy
Sydney  Australia 12 °C Mostly Cloudy
Berlin  Germany 10 °C Cloudy
Buchloe  Germany 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Kaunas  Lithuania 8 °C Cloudy
Viege  Switzerland 12 °C Mostly Cloudy
Schonbuhl  Switzerland 8 °C Partly Cloudy
Schwyz  Switzerland 9 °C Mostly Cloudy
Buchholz in der Nordheide  Germany 10 °C Breezy
Solothurn  Switzerland 8 °C Partly Cloudy
Sion  Switzerland 12 °C Partly Cloudy
Hamburg  Germany 11 °C Cloudy
St. Gallen  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Olathe  United States 10 °C Partly Cloudy
Zug  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Basel  Switzerland 10 °C Partly Cloudy
Ruhstorf an der Rott  Germany 9 °C Mostly Cloudy
Lausanne  Switzerland 10 °C Partly Cloudy
Reinach  Switzerland 10 °C Partly Cloudy
Bern  Switzerland 8 °C Partly Cloudy
Luzern  Switzerland 7 °C Mostly Cloudy
Vaduz Liechtenstein 10 °C Mostly Cloudy
Cluj-Napoca Romania 10 °C Sunny
Rorbas  Switzerland 7 °C Mostly Cloudy
Buenos Aires Argentina 16 °C Mostly Cloudy
Vienna  Austria 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Zurich  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Wuerzburg  Germany 7 °C Cloudy
Aarau  Switzerland 8 °C Mostly Cloudy
Geneva  Switzerland 10 °C Mostly Sunny
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 10 °C Sunny
Bucharest Romania 12 °C Partly Cloudy
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 10 °C Sunny
Chandler  United States 26 °C Clear
Sellenburen  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Bioggio  Switzerland 13 °C Mostly Cloudy
Chur  Switzerland 9 °C Mostly Cloudy
Winterthur  Switzerland 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Thun  Switzerland 8 °C Partly Cloudy
Campbell  United States 58 °F Clear
Sankt Moritz-Dorf  Switzerland 4 °C Mostly Cloudy