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City Country Temperature Description
Fuessen  Germany 28°C Clear
Limbach-Oberfrohna  Germany 21°C Clear
Waltrop  Germany 18°C Clouds
Kiel  Germany 14°C Drizzle
Deggendorf  Germany 12°C Clear
Mu00e4rkischer Kreis  Germany 18°C Clouds
Chemnitz  Germany 21°C Rain
Uster  Switzerland 13°C Clouds
Saalfeld-Rudolstadt  Germany 17°C Rain
Berlin  Germany 15°C Clouds
Nümbrecht  Germany 11°C Clouds
Zurich  Switzerland 22°C Clouds
Westendorf  Germany 12°C Clouds
Nuremberg  Germany 21°C Clouds
Nuremberg  Germany 20°C Clouds
Dresden  Germany 14°C Clouds
Herne  Germany 15°C Clouds
Berlin  Germany 16°C Clouds
Ludwigsburg  Germany 21°C Clouds
Voerde  Germany 15°C Clouds
Oberursel  Germany 11°C Clear
Kronberg  Germany 16°C Clear
Colditz  Germany 14°C Clouds
Lichte  Germany 20°C Clouds
Weiden  Germany 12°C Clouds
Neuchatel  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Kanton Bern  Switzerland 18°C Clear
Muenster  Germany 15°C Clouds
Muenster CA 12°C Clear
Mobile County US 25°C Clear
Gänserndorf  Austria 16°C Clouds
Balzers LI 19°C Clear
Schwyz  Switzerland 19°C Clear
Solothurn  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Bioggio  Switzerland 22°C Clear
Henstedt-Ulzburg  Germany 16°C Drizzle
Ebikon  Switzerland 19°C Clouds
Lingen  Germany 13°C Clouds
Delémont  Switzerland 28°C Clear
Leipzig  Germany 15°C Clouds
Cernier  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Saint Moritz  Switzerland 17°C Clouds
Sankt Gallen  Switzerland 19°C Clear
Shanghai CN 27°C Rain
Chur  Switzerland 20°C Clouds
Coari BR 22°C Clouds
Vaduz LI 18°C Clear
Basel  Switzerland 19°C Clouds
Muenster  Germany 25°C Clear
Lengerich  Germany 17°C Clear
Zug  Switzerland 19°C Clouds
Aarau  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Zuerich (Kreis 11)  Switzerland 19°C Clear
Lichtenrade  Germany 17°C Clouds
Lausanne  Switzerland 19°C Clear
Geneva  Switzerland 20°C Clouds
Soelden  Austria 19°C Clouds
Nieder-Olm  Germany 18°C Clouds
Niederviehbach  Germany 27°C Clear
Fribourg  Switzerland 18°C Clear
Zaragoza ES 22°C Clear
Muenster CA 12°C Clear
Bellinzona  Switzerland 29°C Clouds
Zurich  Switzerland 18°C Clear
Bratislava SK 23°C Clouds
Thun  Switzerland 18°C Clear
Brig  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Bern  Switzerland 18°C Clear
Visp  Switzerland 17°C Clouds
Lugano  Switzerland 22°C Clear
Winterthur  Switzerland 19°C Clear
Sion  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Kanton Luzern  Switzerland 18°C Clouds
Pune IN 25°C Rain