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City Country Temperature Description
Saalfeld-Rudolstadt  Germany -7°C Clouds
Markkleeberg  Germany 2°C Clear
Baden  Austria 3°C Clouds
Markkleeberg West  Germany 2°C Rain
Waltrop  Germany -1°C Clouds
Ganserndorf  Austria 5°C Clouds
Hademstorf  Germany 6°C Rain
Barcelona ES 10°C Clear
Nümbrecht  Germany -2°C Snow
Selbitz  Germany 3°C Rain
Kaltenkirchen  Germany 7°C Clouds
Elmshorn  Germany 7°C Drizzle
Zurich  Switzerland 0°C Clouds
Westendorf  Germany -1°C Clear
Runkel  Germany -2°C Clouds
Wesel  Germany 1°C Clear
Berlin  Germany -1°C Clear
Bad Lausick  Germany -3°C Clear
Nordhausen  Germany -5°C Snow
Oberursel  Germany -4°C Clouds
Hamburg  Germany 8°C Clouds
Laim  Germany -3°C Clouds
Kaltenkirchen  Germany 7°C Clouds
Dresden  Germany -5°C Clear
Berlin Tempelhof  Germany -6°C Clear
Gummersbach  Germany 3°C Snow
Weiden  Germany -4°C Clouds
Usedom  Germany 0°C Clear
Koserow  Germany 1°C Rain
Gänserndorf  Austria 0°C Snow
Gersdorf  Germany -7°C Clear
Königstädten  Germany 11°C Clouds
Gifhorn  Germany -1°C Clear
Lingen  Germany -4°C Clouds
Leipzig  Germany -3°C Clear
Zofingen  Switzerland 1°C Rain
Osnabruck  Germany 4°C Rain
Kaiserslautern  Germany 6°C Drizzle
Wolgast  Germany 0°C Clear
Soelden  Austria 6°C Mist
Regenstauf  Germany -3°C Clouds
Bettmeralp  Switzerland -2°C Clear
Schruns  Austria -0°C Snow
Szada HU -2°C Clouds
Rostock  Germany -1 °C Sunny
Bochum  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Kiel  Germany -2 °C Breezy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Drolshagen  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Berlin  Germany 0 °C Partly Cloudy
Kelheim  Germany -3 °C Mostly Cloudy
Cologne  Germany 2 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Dresden  Germany -3 °C Cloudy
Duesseldorf  Germany 1 °C Cloudy
Plan  Italy 5 °C Cloudy
Isny im Allgaeu  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Luedenscheid  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Pforzheim  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Melbourne  Australia 13 °C Clear
Uppsala  Sweden 2 °C Partly Cloudy
Giessen  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Calgary  Canada -2 °C Cloudy
Bad Liebenstein  Germany -5 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Mostly Clear
Singapore  Singapore 29 °C Partly Cloudy
Herne  Germany 1 °C Breezy
Kosice  Slovakia -6 °C Windy
Kronberg im Taunus  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Boeblingen  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Hofheim  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Moensheim  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Taino  Italy 6 °C Cloudy
Gothenburg  Sweden -7 °C Partly Cloudy
Frankfurt  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Mostly Cloudy
Bindlach  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Munich  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Brauweiler  Germany 1 °C Cloudy
Bonn  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Luzern  Switzerland 0 °C Cloudy
Nordhorn  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Stuttgart  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 27 °C Partly Cloudy
Altnau  Switzerland 0 °C Cloudy
Burweg  Germany -1 °C Clear
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Regenstauf  Germany -2 °C Snow Showers
Lingen  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Campodolcino  Italy -2 °C Cloudy
Luhans'k  Ukraine -5 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 27 °C Partly Cloudy
Osterholz-Scharmbeck  Germany -1 °C Mostly Clear
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Essen  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Denia  Spain 14 °C Breezy
Livigno  Italy -6 °C Cloudy
Delbrueck  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Jacksonville  United States 25 °C Partly Cloudy
Kleinmachnow  Germany 0 °C Partly Cloudy
Willich  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Loerrach  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Heiligenstadt  Germany -3 °C Breezy
Singapore  Singapore 27 °C Scattered Thunderstorms
Strullendorf  Germany -2 °C Snow Showers
Umea  Sweden 3 °C Mostly Cloudy
Pfedelbach  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Winsen  Germany 0 °C Sunny
Desio  Italy 6 °C Showers
Barx  Spain 17 °C Mostly Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Rodero  Italy 6 °C Cloudy
Bad Nauheim  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Berlin  Germany 0 °C Partly Cloudy
Peize  Netherlands 0 °C Breezy
Bielefeld  Germany -2 °C Breezy
Pitea  Sweden 2 °C Partly Cloudy
Siegen  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Pfungen  Switzerland 0 °C Cloudy
Viernheim  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Grattersdorf  Germany -1 °C Mostly Cloudy
Bad Saarow  Germany -1 °C Partly Cloudy
Freiburg im Breisgau  Germany 1 °C Showers
Singapore  Singapore 26 °C Partly Cloudy
Buchloe  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Die  France 2 °C Partly Cloudy
Hueckelhoven  Germany 1 °C Cloudy
Kornwestheim  Germany -1 °C Cloudy
Herdecke  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Appleton  United States 46 °F Mostly Sunny
Terrassa  Spain 8 °C Partly Cloudy
Muenster  Germany 0 °C Breezy
Salmiya  Kuwait 21 °C Clear
Moscow Russia -7 °C Mostly Clear
Glasgow  United States 6 °C Cloudy
Boxberg/O.L.  Germany -3 °C Mostly Cloudy
Charleroi  Belgium -1 °C Cloudy
Baltimore  United States 2 °C Clear
Hamburg  Germany -1 °C Breezy
Olathe  United States 6 °C Mostly Cloudy
Dubai United Arab Emirates 22 °C Breezy
Erlangen  Germany -2 °C Snow Showers
New York  United States -1 °C Clear
Halle  Germany 27 °F Cloudy
Ruhstorf an der Rott  Germany -1 °C Mostly Cloudy
Birkenau  Germany 0 °C Cloudy
Vilnius  Lithuania -1 °C Clear
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 0 °C Cloudy
Cluj-Napoca Romania 0 °C Cloudy
Charlottesville  United States 56 °F Sunny
Rorbas  Switzerland -1 °C Cloudy
Vienna  Austria -1 °C Mostly Cloudy
Wuerzburg  Germany -2 °C Cloudy
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 0 °C Cloudy
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 0 °C Cloudy
Singapore  Singapore 28 °C Partly Cloudy
Ballwin  United States 40 °F Cloudy
Schwarzenbruck  Germany -3 °C Cloudy
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 0 °C Cloudy
Chandler  United States 15 °C Sunny
Zehdenick  Germany -1 °C Mostly Sunny
Boston  United States -2 °C Sunny
San Francisco  United States 9 °C Cloudy
Toronto  Canada 1 °C Partly Cloudy
Amsterdam  Netherlands 1 °C Breezy
Auxi-Le-Chateau  France 0 °C Cloudy
Nuremberg  Germany 0 °C Cloudy